Fire Reporting - Annual Dataset Archive

Since 1998, the Federal wildland fire agencies have queried their fire reporting systems to create an annual archive dataset.  The data is exported in January or February, so that it includes the completed fire reports from the immediately preceding calendar year, plus all other years back to 1972.  Given our continual efforts to clean-up historic fire report data and to ensure the records for all years are as complete as possible, a full export of fire occurrence data (i.e. 1972 to present) is generated every year, rather than just appending the records from the prior fire season.  Accordingly, each year’s archive is intended to replace the previous year’s archive, as the new archive dataset presumably has the most complete, most up-to-date records available (as of the date of the export).

These annual “snapshots” of the fire occurrence data, along with a similar archive of fire weather observation data records, were originally distributed via CD to users within the Dispatch community (e.g. Predictive Services and Intelligence), researchers, planners, etc.  In 2005, the USFS began posting the archive datasets from all the Federal agencies on its Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications (FAMWEB) website, under the link/heading entitled “Fire and Weather Data”.  Because the data on FAMWEB is accessible to anyone (no log-in required), production of the data CD was discontinued in 2010.  Users who ask for the CD are now directed to FAMWEB, where they can download the data, albeit from a variety of files.

As noted above, the data on FAMWEB is replaced annually with a fresh dataset, so older versions of the archive files are not available on FAMWEB.  To ensure the continuity, security, and accessibility of all annual fire occurrence datasets derived from WFMI, we also archive those files here, adding the newest archive file every year while also keeping the previous years’ versions.  Accordingly, via links on this webpage, you can access every annual fire occurrence archive dataset that was produced for the BIA, BLM, NPS, and BOR and that was posted to the FAMWEB Fire and Weather Data website (as well as distributed on the CD prior to 2010). Please note that these are archive files – that is, their records are NOT linked to the “live” WFMI database.  They represent “snapshots” of the WFMI database as of the day they were created, and they are primarily useful for historic or comparative purposes.

These WFMI fire occurrence archive datasets include several file formats: Excel, GIS, Google Earth (kmz), and PCHA/Fire Family Plus. Each dataset is broken down by bureau and reporting unit. In addition, the entire dataset for a given year can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

Individual Files Complete Dataset Created
1972 through 2017 203 MB 01/29/2018
1972 through 2016 203 MB 03/03/2017
1972 through 2015 203 MB 03/21/2015
1972 through 2014 186 MB 03/21/2014
1972 through 2013 182 MB 03/21/2014
1972 through 2012 178 MB 03/27/2013
1972 through 2011 171 MB 02/29/2012
1972 through 2010 165 MB 02/28/2011
1972 through 2009 159 MB 03/22/2010
1972 through 2008 118 MB 03/23/2009
1972 through 2007 78 MB 01/29/2008
1972 through 2006 70 MB 03/05/2007

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